Event Site Equipment Hire

Land Rover Discovery

The perfect 4-wheel drive vehicle for towing equipment
around a difficult event site. Great for towing vehicles out
of the mud.
Hire fee
£150 per day dry hire.
£250 per day with driver.

On Site Buggy

Great for delivering beer to the bar, or towing generators
or light towers into place, or for the event coordinators to use.
Price on application.

Light Towers

Needed for health and safety reasons.
We have a large stock of these for any size event.
Price on application.

Working Lights

Plenty in stock for helping in dark areas to set up
Hire cost
£10 per day

Power Distribution

Power distribution boards, 3 phase outlets and single-phase splitters.
Plus, all the correct cabling you would need. Including 125-amp, 63-amp
32-amp, 16-amp plus 13-amp breakouts and 4 ways.
Price on application.


Several petrol chainsaws in stock for site clearance
Plus, all protective clothing.
Hire cost
£25 per day with safety clothing.

Leaf Blowers

Petrol leaf blowers for site clearance and litter collection
Hire cost
£20 per day delivered full of petrol.

Petrol Strimmer

Petrol strimmer’s in stock also for site clearance before your event
Hire cost
£20 per day

Petrol Lawn Mowers

We can supply lawn mowers and crew to clear your event site.
Hire cost
£35 per day
£135 with one operative

Waste Bins

Can supply bins for your event and a crew of people to maintain them.
Hire fee
£5 per day
Team of people to service the bins throughout the event
Price on application